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Business card of the Vyrivska Community

The Vyrivska Community was formed by the Resolution of the Central Election Commission on December 22, 2019 by merging Vyrivska, Kamiane-Sluchanska, Selyshchenska and Chudelska Village Сouncils with a total area of 391.86 km2. The community includes 11 settlements, where almost 13 thousand people live. The administrative centre of the community is the village of Vyry, and in the villages of Kamiane-Sluchanske, Selyshche and Chudel prefect districts have been established. The municipality's house of the community is represented by 8 constituencies and 21 deputies of the local council.

On October 25, 2020, Serhii Opalko was elected the chairman of the Vyrivska Village Council (territorial community) in the local elections. S. Opalko was born in the village of Yasnohirka, studied at the Berezne Forest College, later at the Kyiv National Agrarian University. He began his career as a forester in the Forestry of Yasnohirka and Tomashhorod. Since 2003 he has been a forester of Klesiv State Forestry. He was twice elected a deputy of the Selyshche Village Council.

The Vyrivska Community is known for its granite mining quarries: Selyshche Granite Quarry, Vyry Granite Quarry, Vyry Quarry (Hranitne village), Klesiv Quarry. In some parts of the community there are valuable subsoil and minerals - deposits of amber, gneiss, diabase, peat. The significant natural resources of the community are forests, which give a great impetus to the development of the woodworking industry. The logistical advantages of the community include the presence of a railway and the highway of international importance Kyiv-Kovel.

In order to increase the level of security, on December 18, 2020, a police station was opened in the village of Vyry, where two police officers are on duty. 

The communal property of the community includes: 

7 general educational institutions

3 preschool educational institutions

9 cultural institutions

 8 medical and obstetric centres

 2 ambulance clinics.

 The community development strategy envisages the construction of a gym in the Preschool Educational Institution in the village of Selyshche, the construction of a new educational institution in the village of Vyry, where 614 students are currently learning, and a school was designed only for 210 children. Lessons are held in three shifts. The issue of building a new school in the village of Chabel, where 251 students study in two shifts, is no less acute. Repair of roads, in particular the highways T1811 Vyry-Chabel and Sarny-Chudel-Kamiane-Sluchanske, construction of an outpatient clinic in the village of Chudel, creation of a centre for the provision of administrative services (CNAP), improving the safety of the population by using of external video surveillance systems, creation of a fire department, lighting of all streets in the community, creation of bicycle paths between communities and development of tourist routes to places of historical and cultural heritage, natural and geological monuments, implementation of energy efficiency and energy saving projects, processing of household waste, construction of treatment facilities, installation of playgrounds and sports grounds, arrangement of parking lots – all this remains an important issue for the development of the Vyrivska Community. 

To carry out these and other tasks, it is necessary to establish partnerships with public organizations, attract investment to support agriculture, socially vulnerable groups, create attractive working conditions for IT entrepreneurs, and support talented youth.

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